Sports Carrier Checklist

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A comprehensive self-evaluation tool designed to help you understand where you stand in the competitive world of sports. Rate yourself on key metrics and discover your strengths and areas for improvement.

20-Minute Consultation

Sit down with our experts to discuss your checklist results. We’ll provide personalized guidance on your next steps, helping you navigate the path to securing sponsorships effectively.


The checklist serves as a mirror, reflecting your current standing and what you need to work on.

Expert Guidance

Our consultation is not just a discussion; it’s a roadmap for your sponsorship journey tailored to your unique profile.


Sponsorship application season is between September and mid-November. Don’t miss your chance for 2023 sponsorships—act now or wait until September 2024!

Who Is This For?

Athletes aged 15-35 in mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding.
Parents who want to understand how to best support their aspiring athletes.
Coaches that want to help their athletes land sponsorships.
This is your chance to take the first step into the sponsorship world.
the time is now! we are here to help!

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  1. Cristobal

    Really helpful to know where to start ! Thanks !!

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